Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Film Rumble, Episode 13: The Many Happy Returns of the Rumble and Harry Potter

The Rumble returns after a 6 month hiatus to opine and the all grown-up and moody Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1. Also appearing, a beer review.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

LHR ep16: Circle Orboros

Ladies and Gentlelost, after taking an extra week off to recover from episode 15, MenothJohn and Gdaybloke are back to crack the spine on Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros, along with their special guest who knows more about Circle than the two of them put together. He may not say much, but pay careful attention when he does speak, for indeed, he's dropping a heavy vibe that may well harsh your opponents mellow.

From JohnCon2 to Templecon 2011, from a tree with a vote (take that, suffrage movement!) to a everyone's favourite jumbo shrimp with a lazer beam, this is Lost Hemisphere Radio episode 16. Download via iTunes, or right here by clicking this very link.



Friday, November 19, 2010

Geekspeak Season 12, Episode 10: Hugo, I Go

It's the Lindsey and Bryan show once again with this new episode of Geekspeak. The lovely Ms. Wahowiak kicks things off by getting some stuff off her chest with HER takes on the Walking Dead and Conan, then it's all about Amazon's new movie studio, Hulu Plus' aggressive play for your streaming dollars, and (of course) new Batman casting rumors. It's the last podcast before Thanksgiving, so get your feast on early by downloading it now.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Re-Play Radio Episode 21: Golf Course BBQ

Re-Play Radio turns old enough to drink with an episode that almost drove the hosts to. Despite technical hiccups, our heroes talk about Fable 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Dragon Quest IX, Final Fantasy Tactics A2, and Donkey Kong Country in What Else. Then, it's on to the links for a discussion of mixing Mario and golf. Finally, Bryan tries his hand at B-list comedy with the first annual(?) Re-Play Roast. All that and at least four curse words are just a download away.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Geekspeak Season 12, Episode 9: Up The Down Stair

It's a special TV-centric episode of Geekspeak as we discuss two of the biggest happenings in geek TV all year! First up, we chat about the Walking Dead, and how great/weird it is to have it on TV. Second, the return of everyone's favorite red-headed giant Conan O'Brien to television is discussed, and...you know, that guy's pretty great. Finally, for you fans of the Sixty Second Soundoff (both of you), there's a new one of those! All this, plus the announcement of our contest winner, can be yours just by clicking here.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

LHR ep15: The Hobby Side

We spend so much time working on miniatures before putting them on the tabletop, isn't it about time we talked about it? Join us for another episode of Lost Hemisphere Radio. This time Gdaybloke, MenothJohn and their special guest talk about painting, modding, sculpting - paintbrushes and power tools, people...
... oh, and we take a stroll through some new release news, stand in awe of the sheer audacity of those participating in Privateer's Impossible Dream challenge, and just for the halibut, review Fantasy Flight's Death Angel card game.

Won't you join us? Download the episode on iTunes, or right here: Link!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Re-Play Radio Episode 20: Uncharted, Drake's Dolphin

Re-Play Radio wants to know what love is, and it wants you to show it. The dynamic duo takes on Game Dev Story, Fallout: New Vegas, Costume Quest, Super Meat Boy, Comic Jumper, and more in What Else. Then, they discuss the newest old game in RPR history with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Finally, Steve vents his personal frustrations and a deep, seething guilt over the role of the games press. All that and a disturbing amount of discussion about Ecco the Dolphin is just a download away.