Friday, March 30, 2012

THIS BUSINESS Episode 1: Wrestlemania, Girlfriends, and Florida

Welcome to the newest Geekspeak Network podcast, THIS BUSINESS, where co-hosts Frank Wisswell and Brad Canze discuss America’s favorite psuedo-sport, professional wrestling. In its original college-radio format, pro wrestling was a big part of Geekspeak, and it has now found a digital home on the Geekspeak Network.

In this episode, Brad and Frank make their predictions for Wrestlemania XXVIII, discuss the future of Daniel Bryan and A.J. Lee -- WWE’s second-hottest power couple behind Johnny Ace and David Otunga -- and the recent rumors and shadowy clues regarding the future of Florida Championship Wrestling and WWE’s developmental program. Download, rate, comment and feel free to tell us how wrong we are and that we’re jerks on Twitter at @bradcandoit and @franktweets.

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 10: I Know A Bar Out On Mars

Well, here it is, another Geekspeak, fresh from a vacation to...well, nowhere really. This week, we talk about Kanye West web ventures, Michael Bay sullying your childhood memories of Ninja Turtles, and also Onstar acting like a super creeper. Dig in, enjoy, it's only like 50 minutes long, and you can download it here.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Re-Play Radio Episode 33: Mass Effective

Re-Play Radio returns with a whole lot of Mass Effect. First it's an update on Skylanders, Simpsons: Tapped Out, and Journey in What Else. Then we have a spoiler-heavy conversation about Mass Effect 2, after Bryan sped through the game like a champ. Finally, Steve gripes about people spoiling Mass Effect 3 in the Rant, which gives way to general paired ranting about internet entitlement.

Plus, Mordin! You must listen.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 9: Traveling Victory Road

In the spirit of Spring Beak (wooo!) and because most of the rest of the cast was busy/otherwise occupied (booo!) Geekspeak decided to take a break from the regular programming format. Bryan, Frank, and Brad got together on a whim and talked about wrasslin', and more specifically the upcoming Wrasslemania 28. Every match on the card is run down, and some exciting news about Frank and Brad's upcoming Geekspeak Network show is provided. Enjoy, or at least listen in baffled awe, and get ready for new episodes starting March 29. Yup, we're off next week, so download this and listen to it a few times.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 8: Four Magic Elves

This week on Geekspeak, it's Bryan, Lindsey, Frank, and Justin talkin' about the stuff you want to talk about. That guy up there? That's apparently the figurehead of the Lulzsec hacker movement, and the FBI flipped him to their side. We'll talk about that. Could the recent Metacritic sabotage of Mass Effect 3 be symptomatic of a larger wave of jerkery? That too is in the show. And by law, we also have to talk about the iPad HD. See? Lots of talkin' about stuff! So get to the downloading.