Thursday, March 24, 2011

LHRep24: NQ35 - The Aeryn Strikes Back

Hi. How are you? Did you miss us? We've been well, thank you. Yes, the weather has been rather mutable. At least we've been able to pass the time with a brand new No Quarter... Oh yeah, and editor Aeryn Rudel was kind enough to drop by for tea and elevenses. He totally brought a flan. It was very tasty. Ahem...

Yeah, that's right folks, the Lost Hemisphere boys are back to wander through No Quarter 35, seeing what we can squeeze out of Privateer staffer and No Quarter editor Aeryn. Who's really responsible for the Berserker MkII, Aeryn? And remember, you're under oath... 

Join us as we discuss model previews, new theme forces, and find tease Aeryn about his closet Khadoran tendencies. Oh, and JDWhitee joins us after the break to share his insights on the Dawn's Talon and some other random malarky.

Sound like a good time? Download the episode on iTunes, or over here at this here link: LINKY!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

LHRep23: The Ugly Ducklings

We've been at this gig for almost a year now, and every step of the way we've managed to avoid 'em, but now MenothJohn and Gdaybloke finally turn their thoughts to the armies of Cygnar. Golden boy Stryker leads the charge as the Lost Hemisphere Lads and their special guest natter a tad about those who bear the Cygnus, toss out some 50pt army lists, and then bounce a few thoughts about the IK RPG as it stands, and some hopes for the future.

Tune in to enjoy Gdaybloke's pain as Cygnar dominates the podcast by downloading the episode on iTunes, or by clicking yon linkage: LINKAGE!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Re-Play Radio Episode 26: Sonic's Slow Spinball to Irrelevance

Bryan and Steve are in rare form as they talk about video games but remain entirely uncooked on the inside. In this gripping installment, the boys talk about You Don't Know Jack, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Bulletstorm, Tactics Ogre, and iPhone games in What Else.

Then it's on to Sonic Spinball, also known as the first warning sign of Sega pimping out their franchise hedgehog, when no one heeded the warnings. Finally, Bryan points out the fairly large gulf between iPhone games and the likes of DS and PSP games in the Re-Play Rant.

All that and a frankly bizarre amount of conversation about Inspector Gadget is just a download away.