Saturday, November 7, 2009

Geekspeak Season 10, Episode 3: The Third Anniversary Reunion

You've been waiting for it, and I'm not about to deny it to you - it's the Geekspeak Third Anniversary Reunion special! We were back in the good ol' Modern Rock 91.5 studios as part of the 10th annual CMU School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts Alumni Takeover, and since it's a special occasion, we figured we'd do it up right, with appearances from ten - you heard that right, ten - of the best and brightest from multiple eras of the show! In these jam-packed two hours, all your favorite segments return, like News of the Week, 2 Minutes of A Girl Talking, Drew's Perpetually Untitled Segment, World Wide Wags, Scooter's Finite Playlist, and Katie At Large! Yea, though the filesize be large and the time be long, this is everything a Geekspeak fan could want. Download and enjoy, my friends. Download and enjoy.

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