Saturday, January 16, 2010

Geekspeak Season 10, Episode 11: NERDS IN CRISIS

We recorded this episode the same day it went up. That has not happened in a looooong time. And it likely won't happen again for a loooooong time, so enjoy it. Anyway, there were no bigger geek stories than Raimi ditching the Spider-Man series and the ongoing Conan/Leno quagmire, so that's what we talked about. Find out what we hope and fear for from a Spider-Man reboot, who should play the webslinger, and more in that section...then we delve deeply into the business of late-night and come out firmly on the side of Team CoCo in our second half. Two stories, epic coverage, the return of the long-dormant Drew and Scooter, and an appearance by Brad want it, so download it without delay.

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