Sunday, April 11, 2010

Geekspeak Season 11, Episode 5: Up And Adam (WarRock)!

Adam WarRock art by Rusty Shackles

Hey, son. You like comics? You like rap music? You're gonna live Eugene Ahn. I meant that you were going to "love" him but that's accurate too. Anyway, he's our guest as we talk about Marvel VS Capcom 3 rumors, geeky Barbies, social networking statistics, and Net Neutrality. Then, we talk to Mr. Ahn (Adam WarRock if you're nasty) about his music, including his hit tracks "Ira Glass" and "I Gotta Believe", his new album, the creative process, his feelings on nerdcore hip-hop, and even the dopeness of his flow. It's the show - and the interview - so good that a mere hour couldn't contain it. Experience the majesty and the thrill of Eugene Ahn by downloading the episode now.

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  1. You know GeekSpeak started on WMHW, as did Indie Queens. Nice that you're getting some play on a good radio station.