Friday, February 11, 2011

LHR ep21: Templecon 2011 and Gators

Ladies and Gentlelost, it's time to once more bend your delicate shell-like ears as we regale you with tales of adventure and derring-do in Rhode Island as Lost Hemisphere invades Templecon 2011! Think you can handle the awesomeness as MenothJohn takes control of the Good Ship LHR and covers for Gdaybloke's absence with a guest co-host? Who could it be? Well, if you gotta get a co-host for a Warmachine/Hordes podcast, why not shanghai one of the dudes who pioneered the concept? That's right, MenothJohn done found hi'self a Podthrall!

Ride with the boys as they ponder just how they survived 72 hours of non-stop gamery, whether or not Fez's are cool, and just for a lark, ripping Dicewraith out of his cocoon to talk about the Blindwater Congregation seemed like a great idea at the time. Oh, and just so you're not left completely high and dry when it comes to Gdaybloke's accent, turns out he managed to corner a few folk to chat with at Templecon, and the sneaky bugger managed to record the conversation...

Download the shenanigans via iTunes, or by this here li'l ole linky: LINKY!

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